New Jobs:

- Synthetic Chemist (Corteva)

- Scientist (Firmenich)

- Sr Scientist (Amgen)

- Head of Med Chem (Maze)

Latest Internships:

- Marquette University

  (Summer 2020)

- Montana State University

  (Summer 2020)


Common Conditions:


Tribromoborane (BBr3) is a relatively mild reagent for effectively cleaving phenolic methyl ethers. The reaction is typically performed in DCM with cooling or at RT.


Strong protic acids such as hydrobromic acid (HBr) can cleave phenolic methyl ethers. The reaction is usually done at elevated temperatures resulting in relatively low functional group tolerance relative to milder methods such as BBr3.


Strong nucleophiles such as thiolates can nucleophilicly demethylate phenolic methyl ethers. Reactions are typically done in a polar aprotic solvent (ex. DMF) at elevated temperatures.

Reaction Map:

The reaction map is intended to provide insight into possible reactions one step before and after the title reaction. It also serves as an alternative way to navigate the website, and as a means of coming up with retrosynthetic ideas. Click on the reaction arrow to visit the page.



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