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Organic Chemistry Internships

Below is a list of internships involving organic chemistry. Care was taken to only include internships that seem to include some component of organic/synthetic chemistry.

note: Internship postings are generally most active between August and April.

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Internship Type Employer Location Posted
Apply by
Industry Lubrizol Brecksville, OH 7-Jan-2018 --
Industry Ionis (Med Chem) Carlsbad, CA 7-Jan-2018 9-Feb-2018
Industry Ionis (Bioconj. & Med Chem) Carlsbad, CA 7-Jan-2018 9-Feb-2018
Industry LLNL (Materials & Chem) Livermore, CA 7-Jan-2018 --
Industry Corning Painted Post, NY 7-Jan-2018 --
Industry Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. Middleboro, MA 7-Jan-2018 --
SURP CCE (Chemical Evolution) Several Locations 26-Nov-2017 15-Feb-2018
CSURP CCHF (C-H Functionalization) Several Locations 26-Nov-2017 8-Feb-2018
SURP CSP (Polymers) Several Locations 26-Nov-2017 1-Feb-2018
REU CSN (Nanotechnology) Several Locations 26-Nov-2017 15-Feb-2018
REU Amgen Scholars Several Locations 26-Nov-2017 Feb-2018
iREU Amgen Scholars (Japan) Kyoto & Tokyo 26-Nov-2017 1-Feb-2018
SULI DOE (SULI) Several Locations 26-Nov-2017 --
SIP NIH (SIP) Several Locations 26-Nov-2017 1-Mar-2018
REU University of North Texas Denton, TX 15-Nov-2017 15-Feb-2018
REU University of Oregon Eugene, OR 15-Nov-2017 15-Feb-2018
REU University of Southern Miss. Hattiesburg, MS 15-Nov-2017 1-Mar-2018
REU USC Los Angeles, CA 29-Oct-2017 15-Feb-2018
REU Kansas State Manhattan, KS 29-Oct-2017 15-Feb-2018
Industry Merck (Discovery Chem) Boston, MA 24-Oct-2017 --
Co-op Merck (Discovery Chem) Boston, MA 24-Oct-2017 --
Industry Merck (Process Chem) Boston, MA 24-Oct-2017 --
REU Indiana University Bloomington, IN 17-Oct-2017 15-Jan-2018
REU Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO 17-Oct-2017 15-Feb-2018
Industry Takeda (GI Chemistry) San Diego, CA 15-Oct-2017 --
Industry Lubrizol (Chemical Synthesis) Wickliffe, OH 11-Oct-2017 --
Industry AbbVie (Science Internship) Lake County, IL 8-Oct-2017 --
iREU University of Graz Graz, Austria 8-Oct-2017 15-Feb-2018
REU Sloan Kettering (Biomedical) New York, NY 6-Sep-2017 1-Feb-2018
Industry Molecular Cloning Labs South San Francisco, CA 6-Sep-2017 --