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  (Organic Chemistry)

Chemical Suppliers


Chemical Supplier Location(s) Description
Accela ChemBio San Diego, CA Offer 16,000+ products. Specialize in heterocyclic building blocks.
Acros Organics New Jersey Provide a wide range of products including building blocks, reagents, catalysts, inorganic salts, solvents, etc.
AK Scientific Union City, CA Products include building blocks, reagents, inorganic salts, and screening compounds.
Alfa Aesar Ward Hill, MA Products include organics (ex. Heterocycles), organometallics (ex. Grignard reagents), inorganics (ex. Inorganic acids and salts), and solvents. Offer 20,000 organic and organometallic compounds.
Apollo Scientific UK Supply building blocks. Specialize in fluorochemicals (fluorine containing compounds). Offer 38,000 organic intermediates, 15,000 fluorochemicals, and 1,100 high purity inorganic salts.
AstaTech, Inc Bristol, PA Offer about 10,000 different building blocks.
BOC Sciences Shirley, NY BOC Sciences provides building blocks, inhibitors, GMP products, impurities & metabolites, APIs for veterinary applications, natural compounds, ADCs, stem cell molecules, and chiral compounds.
ChemBridge San Diego, CA Products include 14,000+ building blocks and over 1 million screening compounds.
Chem-Impex Wood Dale, IL Provide 30,000+ chemicals. Products include amino acids, unatural amino acid and their derivatives, peptide reagents, resins, and nucleosides.
Combi-Blocks San Diego, CA Provide building blocks.
Enamine Monmouth Junction, NJ Offer over 160,000+ building blocks, 49,000+ fragment library (for fragment based discovery), and over 2 million screening compounds (the world's largest screening compound collection, according to their website).
Frontier Scientific Logan, UT Specialize in boronic acids, porphyrins, phthalocyanines, ionic liquids, dendrimers, heterocycles, etc.
J&W Pharmlab Levittown, PA Offer 9,000+ building blocks.
Johnson Matthey West Deptford, NJ Specialize in catalysts. Offer a broad portfolio of heterogeneous catalysts, homogeneous catalysts, chiral catalysts, ligands, etc.
Manchester Organics UK Offer 40,000+ organic building blocks, intermediates, and research chemicals. Specialize in fluorination chemistry.
Materia Pasadena, CA As holders of the exclusive rights to Grubbs Catalyst technology, they provide more than 40 ruthenium olefin metathesis catalysts.
Matrix Scientific Columbia, SC Provide building blocks for research. Catalog offers 100,000+ products.
Maybridge UK Products include building blocks and screening libraries.
Oakwood Chemical Estill, SC Provide building blocks and reagents.
Pfaltz & Bauer Waterbury, CT Provide hard-to-find chemicals, as well as a complete product range.
Rieke Metals Lincoln, NE Offer 10,000+ chemical compounds. Specialize in organozinc reagents (Negishi coupling) and Grignard reagents. Also offer highly reactive metals (Rieke Zinc & Rieke magnesium), conducting polymers & monomers, and fine organic compounds.
Sigma Aldrich St Louis, MO Offer a wide selection of products that includes building blocks, organometallics, catalysts, inorganics, acid & bases, solvents, etc.
Strem Newburyport, MA Offer 5,000+ products and specialize in catalysts, ligands, inorganics, organometallics, and CVD/ALD precursors.
SynQuest Alachua, FL Have 5,000+ chemicals in stock. Specialize in fluorinated organic and inorganic chemicals.
Synthonix Wake Forest, NC Offer 10,000+ products. Specialties include spirocycles and fused rings. Design products that are more biologically relevant based on factors such as rotatable bonds, sp3 hybridization, three-dimesional structure, metabolic stability, etc.
TCI America Portland, OR Catalog contains 26,000+ research chemicals.
Waterstone Technology Indianapolis, IN Catalog contains 15,000+ compounds.