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(Palladium on Carbon)

General Information:



CAS Number: 7440-05-3 (CAS of palladium)

Molecular Weight: 106.42 g/mol (MW of palladium)

Appearance: Black powder

Palladium on carbon (Pd/C) is a common catalyst for hydrogenation and/or hydrogenolysis of various functional groups. It is typically purchased as a black powder which is 5% or 10% palladium (by wt%) adsorbed on carbon. The reagent is normally purchased dry or as a solid which is 50% wet with water. The 50% wet with water reagent is the safer to handle option.

Common Uses:

Catalyst for the reduction of alkenes to alkanes

Catalyst for the reduction of alkynes to alkanes

Catalyst for the reduction of nitro groups to amines

Catalyst for the reduction of nitriles to amines

Catalyst for benzyl deprotection

Catalyst for Cbz deprotection


Palladium on carbon (Pd/C) is pyrophoric and should be handled and disposed of according to standard protocols.


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