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  (Nucleoside Chemistry)

Ammonium Hydroxide

Other Names:

Aqueous ammonia

Ammonia water

General Information:


CAS Number: 1336-21-6

Molecular Weight: 35.04 g/mol

Appearance: Colorless liquid

Chemical Formula: NH4OH

Melting Point: -57.5 C (25% w/w)

Boiling Point: 37.3 C (25% w/w)

Density: 0.91 g/mL (25% w/w)

Ammonium hydroxide (NH4OH) solutions are basic, with a 1M NH3 solution having a pH of 11.63. Saturated NH4OH solutions contain 35% ammonia (by mass), however, concentrated solutions that are used in organic chemistry labs are typically 28-30% ammonia (by mass). The concentration of ammonia decreases slightly every time a bottle is opened due to evaporation of ammonia, especially if the bottle was removed from a refrigerator and allowed to warm to room temperature.

Common Uses:

Reagent in amide coupling reactions (serves as a source of NH3)

Nucleophile in SNAr reactions

Additive in the catalytic reduction of nitriles

Additive in silica gel chromatography

Procedure excerpt:
…concentrated in vacuo. The resulting crude material was purified by chromatography [330 g SiO2, 0-5% (10% NH4OH in MeOH)/(DCM)] to provide…

Additive in reverse phase chromatography

Procedure excerpt:
…heated with shaking at 90 C overnight. The crude solution was purified by reverse phase chromatography (C18, 5-95% ACN/H2O, 0.1% NH4OH) to provide…


Mixing ammonia containing compounds (ex. NH3, NH4OH, or NH4Cl) and bleach (NaOCl) is very dangerous because it produces toxic by-pdts. People have died from mixing cleaning supplies that contain ammonia and bleach. Household cleaning products that contain ammonia are typically aqueous solutions (NH4OH).


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