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Amine to Amide

(Mixed Anhydrides)


Example 1

To a solution of the SM (50.0 g, 218.0 mmol) in dry DCM (400 mL) at 0 C was added TEA (44.1 g, 437 mmol), followed by isobutyl chloroformate (596.0 g, 437.0 mmol). The reaction mixture was stirred at RT for 1 h, after which time it was concentrated in vacuo. The resulting material was cooled to 0 C and treated with NH4OH. The resulting solids were filtered, washed with H2O, and dried to provide the product as a white solid. [40.0 g, 80%]

[Patent Reference: WO2014149164, page 213, (23.7 MB)]