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Nitrile to Amine



Example 1

To a solution of the SM (117.5 g, 519.8 mmol) in dry THF under argon was slowly added BH3-SMe2 (68 mL, 675.7 mmol) over 30 min via dropping funnel. The reaction was stirred at reflux for 2.5 h, after which time it was allowed to cool to RT. A solution of HCl (1.25 M in EtOH) was slowly added for 30 min, then the mixture was concentrated in vacuo. H2O was added and the pH of the mixture was adjusted to 12 with aq NaOH (50% wt). The product was extracted with DCM, dried (Na2SO4), and concentrated in vacuo to provide the product as a colorless oil. [104 g, 87%] [UK Pat App GB 1463151A, page 132]