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[Bis(2-methoxyethyl)aminosulfur Trifluoride]

General Information:


CAS Number: 202289-38-1

Molecular Weight: 221.24 g/mol

Appearance: Clear yellow liquid

Density: 1.2 g/mL

Deoxo-Fluor is a nucleophilic fluorinating agent with wide use in organic chemistry. Deoxo-Fluor is more thermally stable than Diethylaminosulfur Trifluoride (DAST).

Common Uses:

Reagent for the conversion of alcohols to fluorides

Procedure excerpt:

The SM (50 mg, 0.135 mmol) was dissolved in anhydrous DCM (2 mL), and the mixture was cooled to 0 C. Deoxo-Fluor (0.074 mL, 0.404 mmol) was added . . .

[full procedure]

Reagent for the conversion of ketones to difluorides

Procedure excerpt:

In a plastic reaction vessel, the SM (0.57 g, 2.0 mmol) was dissolved in DCM (1 mL). To this solution was added Deoxo-Fluor (0.75 g, 3.4 mmol) followed by EtOH . . .

[full procedure]


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