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Sodium t-Butoxide

Other Names:

Sodium tert-butoxide

Sodium 2-methylpropan-2-olate


General Information:


CAS Number: 865-48-5

Molecular Weight: 96.10 g/mol

Chemical Formula: NaOC(CH3)3

Sodium t-butoxide (t-BuONa) is a strong, non-nucleophilic base. The pKa of its conjugate acid (t-butanol) is about 17. Similar bases include potassium t-butoxide (t-BuOK) and lithium t-butoxide (t-BuOLi). Sodium t-butoxide is the preferred base over t-BuOK and t-BuOLi for palladium catalyzed Buchwald reactions.

Common Uses:

Base in palladium catalyzed Buchwald reactions


Sodium t-butoxide (t-BuONa) is a strong alkoxide base. It is a hygroscopic powder that should be stored and handled under an inert atmosphere.


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