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Sodium Thiomethoxide

Other Names:

Sodium methanethiolate

Methanethiol sodium salt

General Information:


CAS Number: 5188-07-8

Molecular Weight: 70.08 g/mol

Appearance: White solid

Chemical Formula: NaSCH3

Common Uses:

Reagent for the nucleophilic demethylation of phenolic methyl ethers

Procedure excerpt:

A mixture of the SM (3 g, 9.7 mmol) and aq NaSMe (18 mL, 38.9 mmol, 21% w/v) in DMF (75 mL) was heated to 60 C for 2 h, after which time it was cooled to RT, poured into . . .

[full procedure]


1) Patent Reference: WO2010038081, page 122, (33.8 MB)

2) Wikipedia: Sodium methanethiolate (link)

3) Sodium thiomethoxide (link)