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- Research Chemist (Heritage)

- Oligonuc Chemist (Amgen)

- Scientist (Cayman)

- Sr Scientist (Takeda)

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- Cayman Chemical

  (Bio-Organic Chemistry)

- Complete Genomics



(Phosphonium Salt Prep)


Example 1

A mixture of the SM (1.08 g, 3.53 mmol) and PPh3 (1.39 g, 5.29 mmol) in toluene (20 mL) was stirred at reflux for 18 h. The mixture was cooled and the precipitate was collected, washed with toluene, and air dried to provide the product. [1.88 g, 94%]

[Patent Reference: WO2015177325, page 77, (4.3 MB)]