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Alcohol to Ketone



Example 1

Pyridinium chlorochromate reaction 1 - Alcohol to Ketone

To a solution of the SM (1.055 g, 3.23 mmol) in DCM was added PCC (0.915 g, 4.20 mmol) and celite (1.96 g). The reaction mixture was stirred at RT for 1 h 50 min, then a second portion of PCC (0.494 g, 2.30 mmol) was added. Stirring was continued for another 1 h, after which time the solids were removed via filtration through celite. The filtrate was concentrated in vacuo and the residue purified by flash chromatography (10-50% EtOAc/hexane) to provide the product as a white solid. [0.647 g, 62%] [UK Pat App GB2463151A, page 133]