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CAS Number: 594-19-4

Molecular Weight: 64.06 g/mol

t-Butyllithium (t-BuLi) is a strong base that can deprotonate weak carbon acids, especially when weaker organolithium bases such as n-BuLi and s-BuLi don't work well. t-BuLi is a pyrophoric reagent that easily catches fire when exposed to the moisture in air. A fatal accident involving t-BuLi occurred at UCLA, in 2008.


t-BuLi is a pyrophoric reagent that may ignite spontaneously when exposed to air. Handling of t-BuLi should be done behind a shield. If a fire occurs, an appropriate Class D fire extinguisher should be used. t-BuLi fires can cause serious injury or death, as seen in the fatal accident involving t-BuLi that occurred at UCLA, in 2008.


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