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Copper(II) Chloride

Other Names:

Cupric chloride

General Information:


CAS Number: 7447-39-4 (anhydrous)

    10125-13-0 (dihydrate)

Molecular Weight: 134.45 g/mol (anhydrous)

    170.48 g/mol (dihydrate)

Appearance: Yellow/brown solid (anhydrous)

    Blue/green solid (dihydrate)

Chemical Formula: CuCl2

Melting Point: 620 C

Common Uses:

Reagent for Sandmeyer reactions where chloride products are desired

Procedure excerpt:

To a suspension of CuCl2 (450 mg, 3.4 mmol) in ACN (8 mL) was added t-BuONO (0.52 mL, 3.9 mmol). The mixture was stirred for 5 min then a solution of the SM (830 mg, 2.8 mmol) . . .

[full procedure]


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