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(Providers with US Locations)

A list of organic chemistry contract research organizations (CROs) and contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) that provide chemistry services in the United States.

CRO/CMO Location(s) Description
Abzena Bristol, PA Services include custom synthesis and small molecule manufacturing (mg to kg scale). Capabilities include antibody drug conjugation (ADC).
Acceledev Chemical Monmouth Junction, NJ Services cover the spectrum from mg to metric ton scale. Services include R&D, process development, and pilot/commercial production. Have facilities in the US and China.
Acme Bioscience Palo Alto, CA A CRO/CMO whose services include custom synthesis and small molecule manufacturing (mg to kg scale).
Adesis New Castle, DE Custom synthesis from milligram to multi-kilogram scale. Includes early stage research, scale-up & development, and specialty manufacturing.
Alcami Germantown, WI A CDMO that provides comprehensive pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services. Expertise in process development, (cGMP) API manufacturing, and solid state chemistry.
Ampac Fine Chemicals Ranch Cordova, CA; La Porte, TX Manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and registered intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry. Follow current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).
AMRI Albany, NY; Rensselaer, NY; Buffalo, NY; Grafton, WI Provides services covering a wide range from drug discovery, to drug development (process development), to API manufacturing (cGMP). Includes potent & cytotoxic compounds as well as controlled substances.
Apiscent Labs Milwaukee, WI Provide chemistry services from gram quantities to large commercial quantities (cGMP) in the metric tons. Serve the pharmaceutical and flavor & fragrance industries.
Ash Stevens Riverview, MI A full-service pharmaceutical contract manufacturer (CMO). Services include process R&D, API manufacturing (cGMP), and high potency API (HPAPI) manufacturing.
AstaTech Bristol, PA Offer services from lab-scale synthesis to commercial production. Have facilities located in the US and China.
Avista Pharma Solution Durham, NC; Longmont, CO Provide custom synthesis from milligrams to kilogram-scale (kilo labs). Services include process development and cGMP API manufacturing.
BroadPharm San Diego, CA Specialize in PEG linkers and advanced Bio-labeling reagents. Services include custom synthesis and medicinal chemistry.
CalChem Synthesis San Diego, CA A Contract Research Organization (CRO) serving the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Calchem Synthesis is a premier provider of medicinal chemistry, process R&D, and scale-up services.
Cascade Custom Chemistry Eugene, OR Offer services that include custom synthesis, synthetic development, and Phase 1 cGMP manufacturing of API (1-5 kg scale). Also isolate, identify, and synthesize drug or process impurities (reference standards).
Cayman Chemical Ann Arbor, MI Services include medicinal chemistry, custom synthesis, scale-up, and API manufacturing. Have extensive experience with complex syntheses (prostaglandins, eicosanoids, etc.).
Chem-Impex Wood Dale, IL Provide custom synthesis from milligrams to kilograms. Capabilities include unique or special amino acid derivatives, difficult to make chiral building blocks, reference compounds, chiral separation, etc.
CheminPharma Branford, CT Services include medicinal chemistry (custom libraries, lead optimization, etc.), custom synthesis (intermediates, reference compounds, etc.), and process Development/Scale-up.
Cody Laboratories Cody, WY Services include process development, API production, and finished dosage form pain relief medication production. Possess an import license for raw opiate material, allowing cost-competitive production of APIs.
Creagen Biosciences, Inc Woburn, MA Services are primarily medicinal chemistry (exploratory chemistry, lead generation, focused libraries, etc.) and synthetic chemistry (parallel synthesis, intermediates, etc.).
DSK Biopharma Morrisville, NC Provides services including custom synthesis, medicinal chemistry, and API synthesis (multi-kilogram quantities). Also have expertise in in complex syntheses (prostaglandins, luekotrienes, etc.)
Ereztech Johns Creek, GA Offer over 700 metalorganic compounds.
Focus Synthesis San Diego, CA A CRO that provides custom synthesis services (1 mg to 50 g). Supplement their in-house capabilities with a network of external suppliers (delivered up to 100 kg utilizing these suppliers)
Frontier Scientific Logan, UT Provide custom synthesis with a proficiency in organoborons, organotins, porphyrins, silanes, halogenations, cross-coupling reactions, etc.
Gelest Morrisville, PA Manufacture and provide silane, silicone, and metal-organic compounds for advanced technology applications.
IsoTherapeutics Group Angelton, TX A radiopharmaceutical development company that specializes in radiochemistry, radiolabeling, and process/product development. They also provide GLP & cGMP services.
Johnson Matthey Devens, MA Manufacture APIs (GMP) from pre-clinical through commercial production. Capabilities include controlled substances and Highly potent APIs (HPAPIs). Utilize their catalyst expertise to provide various catalyst related services.
Kalexsyn Kalamazoo, MI Provide services including medicinal chemistry, custom synthesis, stable label synthesis, and process development (50 - 500 g).
KareBay Biochem Monmouth Junction, NJ A company that provides services such as custom organic synthesis, oligonucleoside synthesis, and peptide synthesis.
Lacamas Laboratories Portland, OR A CMO specializing in pharmaceutical intermediates, fine chemicals, and dyes on the metric-ton scale.
Materia Pasadena, CA Industry leaders in the area of olefin metathesis via Grubbs Catalyst technology. Offer services that include chemical process development and catalyst screening.
MRIGlobal Kansas City, MO Services include custom synthesis, GLP or non-GMP APIs & intermediate synthesis (up to 1 kg), metabolite/impurity synthesis, and radiolabeled chemistry.
Nanosyn Santa Clara, CA Provide services that include synthetic, medicinal, and process chemistry.
New England Discovery Partners Branford, CT A CRO that specializes in synthetic and medicinal chemistry. Use structure-based drug design (x-ray crystallography and molecular modeling) whenever possible.
Norac Pharma Azusa, CA Focus on process development and cGMP manufacture of APIs (up to multiple tons). Capabilities include controlled substances and potent compounds.
Novasep Boothwyn, PA A CMO that develops and manufactures Intermediates, APIs, and HPAPIs at all production scales. Capabilities include cytotoxics and ADCs. Also offer preparative purification services.
Organix, Inc Woburn, MA A CRO that offers organic and medicinal chemistry services.
Patheon API Services Florence, SC A CDMO that offers services including the development and manufacture of small molecule APIs and finished drug products on all production scales. Have facilities in North America and Europe.
PCI Synthesis Newburyport, MA Provides API services ranging from small-scale non-GMP (grams to kilograms) to cGMP manufacturing (kilograms to metric tons). Also have the capability to produce cGMP polymers (kilograms to metric tons).
Peptides International Louisville, KY Provide custom peptide synthesis ranging from innovative resins to complex custom peptide synthesis. Also offer custom organic synthesis (from milligrams to hundreds of grams).
Pfizer CentreOne Kalamazoo, MI Provide API services that focus on 1) custom small-molecule API synthesis 2) small-molecule steroid and hormone intermediates and APIs. Capabilities include high-potency APIs (HPAPIs).
Pharmacore High Point, NC Offer services that include custom organic synthesis, process development, and cGMP manufacturing of intermediates and APIs (grams to hundreds of kilograms).
Pharmagra Brevard, NC Provide services that include medicinal chemistry support, process development/scale-up, and low volume API production (kilogram quantities).
PolyOrg, Inc Leominster, MA Services include contract research, custom synthesis, and process development. Capabilities include multi-kilogram synthesis, solid phase synthesis, and stable labeled isotope synthesis.
Polysciences, Inc Warrington, PA Provide custom synthesis and cGMP contract manufacturing services (up to thousands of kilograms). Capabilities include monomers, polymers, and specialty chemicals.
Ricerca Concord, OH Offer services including small scale synthesis, process chemistry, and cGMP manufacturing of APIs. Includes radiochemistry synthesis (non-GMP and cGMP).
Rieke Metals Lincoln, NE Offer custom synthesis services (grams to kilograms). Have expertise in organometallic chemistry, organozinc reagents, Grignard reagents, fine chemicals, and semiconducting polymers.
RTI International Research Triangle, NC Provide medicinal chemistry services (hit-to-lead and lead optimization). Also specialize in the custom synthesis of radio-labeled and mass-labeled compounds.
Sigma Aldrich -- Provide a wide range of services that include developing & manufacturing key intermediates, APIs, HPAPIs, ADCs, and generics.
Silar and MPD Chemicals Co Wilmington, NC Offer custom synthesis services ranging from R&D scale (mg's) to full metric ton quantities. Areas of expertise include complex organic synthesis, unique monomers, polymer development, and organosilicon chemistries.
Southern Research Institute Birmingham, AL Offer academic and industrial collaboration services that include medicinal chemistry and drug development.
Strem Newburyport, MA Provide custom synthesis, process development, and cGMP manufacturing of APIs (kilo-lab facility).
SynChem, Inc Chicago, IL A CRO that specializes in organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, process development, and CMC services under cGMP conditions. Operations in US and China.
TCI America Eugene, OR Offer custom synthesis (milligrams to tons).
Vertellus Zeeland, MI Provide custom manufacturing services. Areas of technical expertise include high-pressure catalytic hydrogenation, quaternization reactions, and chiral resolution.
WeylChem Elgin, SC Provide multi-step custom and toll manufacturing. Core technologies include Friedel-Crafts, Grignard chemistry, Halogen exchange, Halogenation, and Ullman coupling.
Wilmington PharmaTech Newark, DE Provide services that include medicinal chemistry, process research, non-GMP manufacturing (kg to metric tons), and cGMP synthesis of intermediates and APIs (up to 40 kg). Operations in US and China.