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Sodium Hydride

General Information:


CAS Number: 7646-69-7

Molecular Weight: 24.00 g/mol

Appearance: Grey powder

Sodium hydride (NaH) is a strong base commonly used in organic chemistry to deprotonate alcohols, amine, amides, and other sufficiently acidic protons. Pure sodium hydride is prone to spontaneous ignition in moist air. For this reason, the most common form of sodium hydride used in labs is 60% sodium hydride dispersed on mineral oil.

Common Uses:

- Strong base for deprotonation


Sodium hydride (NaH) reacts violently with water, liberating hydrogen gas (H2). Spontaneous ignition in air can occur. All reactions should be done under an inert atmosphere. Using 60% sodium hydride dispersed on mineral oil is much safer than using pure sodium hydride. Sodium hydride is a severe irritant to skin and eyes.


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